Enjoy regional culinary delights

To preserve the old means to preserve our roots, to remember our origins and to see ourselves as a link in a long chain.

Delicacy at Lebrecht Frettwurst

The country inn “Frettwurst“, named after the village’s former pub owner, lets the past come to life again.

Here, you will find facilities for every occasion and every event. Delve into the past times of Lebrecht Frettwurst. Learn about the life of the former villagers, experience a bit of local history. Discover yourself, how good it feels to take a walk on past roads.

Don’t be frightened when you enter the country inn – Lebrecht Frettwurst might cross your path on his bicycle.

We will pamper you and your palate with a fresh, regional cuisine with regional products. We offer freshly baked cake every day as well as coffee specialities and hot chocolates.

Our menu takes into account a range of different flavours and is constantly adjusted and improved.

You can look forward to our varied cuisine.

Impressions of country inn “Frettwurst”

History of country inn “Frettwurst”